San Bernardino Police Foundation

Programs In The Community

The San Bernardino Police Department strongly values its community partnerships, and we recognize that people make the difference in any organization. The Department’s community programs are geared toward building relationships between the police department and community. These programs give the Department the opportunity to give back to the community by interacting with citizens outside the normal day-to-day police duties. Helping those who need a little assistance or educating the community about what we are doing is important to us.



The San Bernardino Police Department is actively looking to recruit additional members to its Citizen Patrol Unit. To become a member of the Citizen Patrol Unit the candidate must be able to pass a background check, able to volunteer at least 16 hours a month, and be willing to go through a training program, which may take several months to complete. For more information on the San Bernardino Police Department’s Citizen Patrol Volunteer program; contact the Public Affairs Office at 909-388-4993.


The San Bernardino Police Department hosted the first community academy in 2009. The academy is a 16-hour program that is held on Wednesday evenings over an eight-week period. Attendees learn about the various services provided by the Department, speak with personnel who share their duties with the group, and participate in a facility tour. The community academy is held twice each year, cost is free, and seating is limited. For more information call Community Affairs at 909-388-4946. For more information on the San Bernardino Police Department’s Citizen Patrol Volunteer program; contact the Public Affairs Office at 909-388-4993.


Members of the San Bernardino Police Explorer Post 303 are young men and women who are dedicated to serving our community. Explorers range in age from 14 years old up to 21 years. The program serves as the gateway to becoming a police officer or entering into numerous other related careers. The program is structured to promote responsibility and accountability while building character, leadership, teamwork, and good citizenship. For more information call 909-384-5742.


The mission of the San Bernardino Police Mounted Unit is to build trust and community partnerships, educate youth, and reduce crime by providing high visibility patrol. The Unit was founded in 1999 and is made up of police officers and reserve officers who own their own mounts. The officers and their mounts patrol City parks, neighborhoods, the downtown area, shopping malls, concerts and many large special events held in San Bernardino. Expenses related to the care, boarding, feeding, equipment, and transportation of the mounts are paid by the officers.


The San Bernardino Police Department is committed to making the most technological advances related to law enforcement. Our goal is to enhance the effectiveness of personnel by getting information out to the officers and employees quickly and accurately. Benefits to the community include web-based crime mapping, crime cameras throughout the city, body worn cameras, and automated license plate readers. Additional improvements in the Department’s ability to track and analyze crime will help to minimize the number of occurrences in the City by predicting when crime will occur through the use of advanced analytics and smart briefing room technology.

Special Olympics

Each year, law enforcement personnel across Southern California participate in several events benefiting the Special Olympics – Southern California. Events include Tip-A-Cop at local restaurants, the Polar Plunge, and a Plane Pull. In 2015, these events helped raise over $1.5 million for our athletes. Prior to the open ceremony, law enforcement personnel participate in The Law Enforcement Torch Run. For three days, 20+ law enforcement agencies and about 500 runners carry the Flame of Hope over 100 miles to its destination at the summer games.